Dixie II+ availability near me

Hi, the Dixie II+ was going to be one of the first modules I planned on getting this new year, but it turns out my local shop, Chuck Levin’s in Maryland, is currently out and don’t know when they’ll be getting any. Not sure if this forum would be the place to ask, but is it possible to get any info on when Chuck’s might be getting more of these in? I try to only buy from my local shop if they carry a certain brand so I would have to hold off on getting one until then. I asked if I could order one but they said they already have an open order for them, they just don’t know when they would get any. I need a VCO with Osc sync, so I’m trying to plan on my next steps with my rig. Thank you so much!

Pinging @ScottMFR as he should have some idea when we plan to ship more out

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Looks like there’s Dixie 2+ out there in a few places if you check Wigglehunt: Wiggle Hunt

Thanks for getting back to me. I got a little birthday money and am trying to specifically use it to support local business because I know they really need it since many people are now buying online. I actually have decided to get the Quadrax instead since they have that. I should be getting it tomorrow. Hopefully they’ll get Dixie II+ modules back in stock eventually.