Display Blue or white?

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i am new in the forum, and sorry to start with a stupid question

I have two plonk recently buy a second hand one, my surprise was when I set it up in my case, is white? why this is like 2 different display colors? there is some way to change color? I have one blue and one is white !!!

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Maybe a parts sourcing issue? It isn’t uncommon in manufacturing to replace a part with something slightly different. Personally, I think it’s cool to have two otherwise identical modules with different color displays.

I’ve never seen a plonk with a blue display; as far as I know they’re all white. However, it originally did come with a protective film over the screen, and those can be tinted blue to let you know they’re there.

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This is

The markings over top of the blue knobs are also different. One has bi-directional arrows and the other has the -/+ markings.

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FWIW, the unit on the right matches the photo on the Plonk product page (white display, - | + over the X and Y knobs) - but the one on the left (blue display, <--|--> over the X and Y knobs) matches the unit in the “Plonk Overview” video that was uploaded in 2017.

I have exactly the same thing! I have bought two second hand this week and one is white and one is blue. The neat in me finds it really off putting.

Are they just from different eras/manufacturing runs?

So, I bought my first Plonk new in 2019 (if memory serves). It has the blue screen and the arrow indicators above the X/Y controls. Then, in 2021 I bought two more. They are white displays with the updated panel. So yes, the blue are the older models, white is a more recent run. Not sure when the changeover happened, but I was surprised by it as well. Kinda wish I could update my original to match the new ones as I prefer the white display.