Did i just brick Metropolix? (Fixed)

I attempted to update to the latest firmware. The last time i updated it was on a different computers (from window 7). I’m using windows 10, but something went wrong somewhere and now metropolix always starts in bootloader mode no mater what. Help

Check on the app updater preferences … there you have some AVR settings you have to choose …
hope it works out
Also during the update there is a progress info while is doing it … check if that gets to the end.

Not sure what the differences are between the settings. Im afraid to change it without knowing if it might make the problem any worse. Im still waiting on customer support to reply.

This was the issue! I had to change the AVR settings from usbtiny to the avrisp2 setting. Everything updated smoothly after that. I’m gonna leave this here in case someone else runs into the same problem trying to update their firmware.

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