Diatonically changing melodies with 2x metropolis

I am trying to use two metropolises (metropoli?) to do diatonic melodies that move within a chosen scale but offset within the scale by a control signal.

I have Metropolis A’s 1v/oct and gate outs controlling a voice. It’s set to e.g. 3 stages in D dorian playing D1 F1 A1. The sync out is clocking Metropolis B. It has 2 stages each with 1 step, set to C0 (0v), D0 (.171V).

I want to use the 1v/oct out of metropolis b into aux A of metropolis A to get it to play the whole sequence D F A E G B, i.e. for the second repeat with the non-zero voltage into the aux to be moved up one scale degree each.

I’ve been having a pretty hard time getting this kind of behavior out of this set up. Aux A routed to pitch pre sort of gets close but with the scenario above but tends to wind up with one of the resulting pitches quantized a step away from what I intended. e.g. with metropolis B set to C0/D0 into metropolis A’s aux A routed to P.Pre I get D F A E G A

Routing auxA to the scale root doesn’t do it because that’s just moving all the steps in parallel by the same amount. Maybe if I somehow could sequence a root offset and a scale type change simultaneously but that sounds tricky to coordinate…

I guess I want something like aux routed to offsetting by scale degrees which afaict isn’t possible. Anyone have any suggestions? Is there any way to do what I want?

I’m not sure that’s possible given the way the quantizer works right now. P.Pre will affect the unquantized value, that is the chromatic value of the pitch slider. P.Post will shift the entire sequence chromatically. What you’re asking for is something in the middle, to be able to perform an in-scale shift of the post-quantized value by scale degree.

I could add this to the feature backlog and maybe include it in a future firmware revision.

OK that’s basically what I figured from my attempts to make this happen. Makes sense. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something. It’d be a really cool feature to add I think, if it’s not too hard.

I don’t think it’s hard, but may take me a while to get to it. Also because of the update process we get a lot of support requests for Metropolis firmware updates, so I’d prefer not to have to do them frequently :slight_smile: