Depth of 7u case with joiners attached


I’m trying to find out how “deep” my table needs to be to support two joined 7u cases. That is, the depth from the front of the bottom case to the legs at the back of the joiners. Would be awesome if someone could share.

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Hey H! The 7U case with joiner off the back is approximately 18" front of case to back of the joiner leg.
I have my set of 84HP-7U cases angled at about 30 degrees on a 24" deep desk to the left of my Ableton Push 2, and it sits nicely.
I also found I like a higher angle for the lower case than the joiners provide, so I flip out the lower case legs to the very back position - this raises the lower case angle, and makes the upper case perfectly vertical.


Perfect, thank you for sharing. If you flip out the legs does that mean you’re not using the joiner legs to support? Does that make the whole stack less stable?

Yes all of the back weight is on the flip-out legs, the joiner legs are floating off the table :wink:
I can’t officially speak for Intellijel - but the flip out legs appear to be the same grade and thickness of anodized aluminum as the joiner plates, so they should handle the weight, and the whole unit feels just as stable, except for one thing - if you push a cable into a module really hard, you can tilt the whole unit backwards - it won’t tip over - but, I figure if you’re pushing a cable that hard into a module, your modules/cables aren’t going to last that long.
The joiner plates lift the lower case to 15 degrees, which puts the upper case at 80 degrees back from vertical.
It would be nice if they had joiner plates with different angles:

  • Straight-connect, with clearance for the handle, so you can mount the whole 14U stack on a guitar stand type thing;
  • and my personal preference would be 20-25 degrees for the bottom case, and vertical for the top. It would make it stand really tall, but I really hate leaning over to see my modules and patching downwards.

As they are though - IMHO, a pair of Intellijel 7U cases is the best modular case setup on the market. Just wish I bought 104s. Once my Tête arrives, mine are full.


Could not agree more, in fact I have started looking for friends with the right tools / machinery to mill some new joiner plates at other angles. I have my cases supported by a pair of laptop stands that puts them at better angles, but the stands are flimsy and overall it takes up too much space…

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