Dedicated 1U clock module [concept]

Would anyone else be interested in a dedicated clock module?

With LCD:


Sans LCD:



This is great

That could easily be an encoder function if you are worried about saving space, but I do love me a physical tap tempo button. I’ve done both. I would need to see a little more of the design, the full encoder menu as currently planned if you plan to go that in depth, to fully convince me, but I am incredibly intrigued.

Perhaps you could pair this with an expansion with 4 divisions and 4 mults of clock 1 (maybe even rotating…)

An expander is a good idea. I’ve appended the original post with a quick mockup of an expander module that has 6 additional outputs that could be customizable. Also, MOD inputs would be an interesting feature in lieu of a dedicated shift (rotate) input. You could modulate clock shifting (rotation), randomizing all clocks’ parameters, randomizing operators or constants, etc.

What about shuffle? I mean, I know we’re getting to the point where we are almost just copying 4ms ‘s clock modules but all combined but I would definitely not mind at all.

Stopwatch/gate counter/timer?!?!?!?!?

Might as well as to the concept. It’s getting to the point where it has almost anything desirable in a clock module. So I figured we should cover all our bases.

Absolutely! This would make a great addition!

I’ve created a mockup without a screen as well. Tempo can be dialed in or tapped in. The tempo can be clock or audio rate speeds.

The selection on A/B would be the initial multiplication/division and, with the expander module, each additional B-D would consecutively output the next constant on the A/B knob.

A STEP input could be used to shift the outputs and the DIR input could change the direction of the shift.

would be great. I have been looking for a 1U clock module.

Would this only be a clock module or possibly also a Sync module. I still find it troublesome to sync a large system as the options are manifold. There is MIDI Clock or DIN Sync (including variants), there is Reset on rising and falling edges, different clock speeds and variants. Across a big system it is really annoying as you have to carefully plan who is clock (and Sync) Master and how this is recognized by clockable modules.

So really I am looking at the above and see a PNW in 1U but maybe just a little more than that - it does a lot of what I just talked about but also has its limitations.

Just my thoughts. Great idea anyway.

With LCD or better yet OLED please. Thank you

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