Dealing with a stripped hole on a threaded rail

Hello! First time posting, though I’ve browsed anonymously before. Thanks for having a well-organized support forum.

I have a couple of Performance cases (104hp), and they’ve largely been great. However, a few of the holes have always been stripped, or at least they have not securely held M3 screws. Both cases were new, and they came that way.

It did not seem like enough of an issue to go through the trouble of a return, especially since I figured that if it came like this, it was likely that having a couple holes not threaded properly was probably common and seen as acceptable tolerance (seriously, not complaining). If I ran into an issue with a hole, I either screwed three of four holes where possible, or did rearrangement.

Now though, I really want to place a module in a specific place, and it only has one screw hole on the top and bottom, and one of them is stripped. I am wondering if there is a standard way to deal with this that people have tried. Wax or some other compound on an M3 screw? M3.5 screw?

The other thing I can do eventually is drill new holes in the panel so there are other places to secure it, but I thought I would ask about this first.

Thanks for any feedback!

Please send an e-mail to with your address and phone number and we can work out sending you some replacement threaded strips. They’re fairly easy to install but you do need to remove one of the end cheeks from the case.

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