CVx Velocity


I’m having problems with the Velocity output of my CVx module. I’m using a Roland PDX-100 drum pad to trigger MIDI data into a Max/MSP patch and then I’m sending all this data to my Intellijel case (I’m using a nice converter which it’s called eDRUMin to convert the signal of the pad to MIDI values). It works great with the MIDI 1U module but when I use the CVx module I cannot send the Velocity value. Every other parameter works great, but not the Velocity. What I’m doing wrong? When I connect the Velocity output to a 1V/Oct input I only get a high-pitched sound that doesn’t change. Also, the LED from the module stays the same all the time. If I route the signal to the MIDI 1U then it works perfect and the Velocity works to change the 1V/Oct parameter.

This is my configuration, which as far as I know it’s correct (every Synth is configured with the same values):

I ended up using the CC Number option and I’m doing some tweaking in my Max patch to make it work (and it works!) but it would be nice to use the Velocity output.


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