CV to Midi intellijel case

I’m new to eurorack.
I was going to grab a 4u 106 HP case as it has some great utility already in there.
I was wondering though, the only MIDI 1u modules I can see are MIDI → CV modules, but the case has a MIDI OUT. What is this for? Are there intellijel modules that convert CV to MIDI? I can’t find any :frowning: :frowning:

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With our 7U and Palette 104 cases, whether MIDI 1U is receiving MIDI via USB or a 5-pin cable to the MIDI IN, the signal will be mirrored at the MIDI OUT port. This makes it possible to chain things from your system and use it as a MIDI interface to control other devices. This is not possible in the 62Hp Palette case because it does not have a MIDI OUT. In a 7U case, the 5-pin MIDI input will also be mirrored at the MIDI THRU output, but not any MIDI received over USB.

Intellijel does not currently have any CV to MIDI interface but there are other options available out there, such as one from Befaco. Some of our users have also figured out solutions to connect the MIDI OUT to other 3rd party modules like Pamela’s New Workout and Disting.

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Thanks Scott!
That’s cool, I saw some post about the Disting one so that could be interesting.
It would be amaaaazing if there was a 1u style module from you guys, with optional expander (similar to the CVx) to allow MIDI OUT :smiley: :smiley:
I’ll see what I can figure out :slight_smile:
Thanks again

Resurrecting just to see if there would be interest or maybe if there was any plans to create a CV to MIDI expander for the CVx module 1u format?
Would be so cool to be able to convert CV → MIDI on a 1u and then have MIDI->CV and CV->MIDI all using the same USB port or the midi IO trs jacks!

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FWIW, there’s a new CV-to-MIDI from Expert Sleepers that seems like a good fit in a 7U case:

It has two full sets of MIDI in/out/thru on a header, so it could hook up all three ports on the case with just some flying wires and a steady hand.

It also speaks I2C, so it’s electrically possible to connect it to something like the MIDI 1U - but it would require software modifications to the MIDI 1U to actually be useful.