Connecting Audio I/O 1U to jacks on 7U case

The module comes with 10-pin to 16-in ribbon cable for power. To connect to the jacks on the case would require 10-pin to 10-pin ribbon cable. Do I need to get a 10-pin to 10-pin to connect (haven’t sen these anywhere) or do I use the 10 to 16 which came with module and connect directly to 10 pin jack connector? For those for which this is obvious, please do indulge. Thx

Used another 10 to 16 ribbon cable. Resolved.

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Hi, I was trying to install that module to my case today and couldn’t figure it out. I got one cable to connect to power, but it seems I’d need another one to connect to the case? The midi 1U module did come with 2 cables whereas the audio one only came with one…Am I missing something? Thanks!!

Ideally, a 10-pin to 10-pin would be included (or a regular 10 to 16) as it is appears to included be with your 1u midi. I just grabbed another 10 to 16 ribbon cable to additionally connect to the jacks on the case.

oh ok thanks, so you had to use another cable. yeah I find it odd that the 10-10 is not included, particularly because it is for the 1u midi…wonder if it was just an oversight.