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Concept: the 2hp everything-doer

So I love the 2hp buff. I love the 2hp mixer. But sometimes I only want to do a 1:2 or 1+1=2 setup, and I don’t want to waste space. I have a solution! please note that this might be impractical idk Could we have a 2hp module that uses an e-ink display for normalling, indexing, etc. But this one can change! thus you could have it buff as many as you need (up to…like, 1:8) or add as many as you need to. I believe a single 2hp panel can hold up to nine jacks but I might be wrong there. This could also easily be 3hp or bigger, and obviously should function without an expander, but I’m sure one would certainly be welcome!

Is there anyone interested in Intellijel making this?

no thx :slight_smile:
why make somehing inherently simple more complex with a screen? maybe a toggle switch to flip between 3 routing schemes would be better

…also im sure theres no screen tiny enough for 2hp

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not a normal screen. an e-ink display. you could have it go seamlessly up to the edges of the jacks and like I said go to 3 or even 4 hp if needed. Google it. You’ll see what I mean…

and I did warn you