I was looking at the rainmaker manual last night, and I really gotta hand it to you: nice module, great concept! BUT IT’S 36 HP!!!

I wouldn’t ever use all the controls, all the features. I’m interested in it because of the comb filter.
Speaking of which, is is a comb resonator or filter? The manual uses them interchangeably.

I would like to request a module, in the micro (umodule) series if possible. It has audio in jack, controls for amount of initial delay, number of taps, and delay/spacing between each tap. Nothing crazy or exotic like the rainmaker’s 16 different initial combinations. I don’t want a bouncy reverse-slip half-random comb where each tap is related by the Fibonacci sequence. For that I would just swallow my pride and sell some modules to make room for the rainmaker. But could we do a simple comb (resonator/filter)? Would that be too much to ask?

If it is a filter, would it be possible to turn up resonance/Q to self-resonating amounts? That would be a cool sound source (I believe, but correct me if I’m wrong it makes waves ranging from octave sines to squares and saws, depending on comb size)

I don’t know what the micro series is, but have you looked at the 2hp Comb?

There are a lot of combs out there, but they’re just not intellijel. The micro series is like the µMIDI, µJacks, µVCA, µFold, etc. All 8 HP I think. Dixie thus could be considered a µVCO.

The same thing really, a resonator is just a filter with feedback.

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Ah. That’s so helpful!

This begs the question: why is it so important that the module be manufactured by Intellijel?

Because I like intellijel. Their stuff is always high quality, their micro series has the minimal amount of controls possible, but are not minimalist, nor do they feel restrictive. It’s the perfect balance. Also it’s nice to be able to have all my stuff match directly from the box. I have considered painting panels or getting alternate ones for my stuff but to be honest, I’m just too lazy to actually do it! :rofl:

Also, rainmaker already has this, and I want a really simple version with some of the functions of a rainmaker. So I figured that the people who made the rainmaker would be a good place to ask. Also, I just wanted to ask people who like intellijel if they wanted this. Obviously not.

What specifically do you like about the rainmaker comb that wouldn’t be satisfied by the 2hp comb? 2hp aesthetics are not exactly polarizing, and you can make it 8hp with some blind panels.

Two words: tiny knobs.

Also, why on earth would I make it bigger by adding blanks!? 2hp is too small, rainmaker is too big. However, it has a multi-tap feature. All other combs I’ve looked into in detail are just tiny delays, one tap, with a control for feedback. I would like something a little more expansive. Nothing complicated. Adjustable amount of up to four(ish) taps with a master delay and feedback controls, but also possibly individual ones.

So you like the rainmaker comb because of the multiple comb taps before the comb delay? But you’re not interested in the comb tap patterns? I’m not sure if this is what you mean to say. Or are you talking about the 16-tap delay section? If you’re more specific then maybe we can help you find something that will accomplish it.

I have a multi tap delay. It’s decent and could theoretically be a comb resonator except that I use it for other things and can’t tap fast enough. I don’t know all that I want from this theoretical module, but I know multiple taps is a must. I can’t find any on a first shallow search on modular grid. I really appreciate you guys trying to help!

resurrecting… i was looking at comb filters recently, i can 2nd what the op was asking for…
i had to drop my rainmaker a while ago regretfully, but since then ive really missed the comb filter most of all, the density and patterns were unique… the effect from going low density to high density you could burst your comb/delay sound into a cloud of smeary hanging audio. i cant seem to find another way to get that effect