Colorblind Tetrapad?

Hello ! I am new to the Forum. The reason i am opening this thread is to mainly discuss & ask your opinion about a possible colorblind modification on the amazing Tetrapad. Being colorblind myself i find it extremely frustrating that i cannot use properly the Tetrapad. Is there maybe an intention to make a modification upon demand or a firmware update, like other companies do, in order to make the Tetrapad life easier for colorblind people? Thank you in advance !

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Please pardon my ignorance, but what changes could be made to Tetrapad to make it easier for colorblind people to use?

Hello! Thanks for answering. The “best” colours for colorblind people besides black and white are probably a dark red, a medium blue, and a bright yellow. For a fourth colour consider bright pink, and grey for the fifth. Dark blue and light blue together also works.

Any shade of green is a problem, as are the colours brown, purple & magenda.

For Tetrapad’s interface i guess it would be really helpfull to take out Green, Magenda & Purple.

Thanks Giorgos, that’s good to know!

If we added a colorblind mode would you be interested in beta testing?

:100: Of course! I definetely would ! :smiley: