Clarity re: Using XY IO Module w/7U Performance Case

Hi folks. I’m sorry to be thick, but I’m trying to get my head about the XY module and how it can effectively be used. I have a use case in mind that isn’t described in the manual, so I thought I would confirm that my interpretation is correct before diving in.

I’m using a 7U performance case with Stereo Line In 1U and Stereo Line Out 1U for the input/output of sound signals. Both of these are connected to the case’s audio jacks board via the 6-pin cable, and the jacks board’s 3-pin headers are both unused.

I am considering installing an XY IO module so that JP1 is connected to the 3-pin header on the Stereo Line In 1U, and that JP3 is connected to the 3-pin header on the Stereo Line Out 1U. I’m hoping that:

(1) This would turn the X input into an additional stereo/TRS input for audio signals, knowing that this input shouldn’t be used at the same time as the input jacks on the back of the case. That said, I’m curious about what would happen if both inputs were used simultaneously, with (a) both receiving incoming signals, or (b) if something is plugged into both sets of jacks, but one one signal is coming in. I.e., does having something plug into the case’s jacks disable the connection to the 3-pin header?

(2) This would turn the Y input into an additional stereo/TRS output for audio signals, albeit without attenuation. I expect that this outgoing sound signal would be simply split between the jacks on the case’s audio jacks board and the XY module, but please let me know of any other caveats that I might be overlooking. If it has any impact, I also have the Stereo Line Out 1U module linked to a Headphones 1U module via their 3-pin connectors.

Is my interpretation of this module’s use correct? Any illumination would be appreciated.

Are you trying to connect the XY to the actual modules? or the case jack 3-pin headers?
you would have to get @ScottMFR, or one of the fine folks at Intellijel to confirm, but the Audio Out module’s 3-pin header is only to pass stereo audio to a headphone module.
The XY module would not give you any more inputs or outputs. If you connected them to the 3-pin jumpers on the 7U case jacks board, they would just be in parallel with the jacks on the back - like an alternate 3.5mm TRS jack for each 1/4" TRS jack. like as passive splitter or merger - depend on what module is connected to the case jacks.
No matter how you connect those - you will not get an “additional” input on scenario 1 - just an “alternate”.
For scenario 2 - yes I assume it would be just like splitting the signal.
I have XY modules connected to my 7U case jacks - but each 3.5mm jack has its own 1/4" jack. I use them as a format converter to go from 3.5mm on the front of my modular to 1/4" on the back - for direct connection to things like pedals and devices that can work at modular signal level. In my case - my modular mixer actually has TRS output jacks, so I don’t need to use my Stereo Out 1U to convert from modular unbalanced audio to balanced line level - I just use 3.5mm TRS patch cables to go from mixer to XY, then the 1/4" jacks with TRS cables to a balanced line input on my DAW interface.
The Stereo In and Stereo Out modules can only convert two signals each. They are not mixers.

Make sure you watch this:

One more thing - If you connect Y to one of the 3-pin headers (ie. Left out) when using a Stereo Out 1U module - you will only have a balanced TRS LEFT signal - not an unbalanced stereo output.

Hope this helps.

A few things to clarify here:

  1. Stereo Line In only has a 6-pin ribbon header to connect to the case jacks of a Palette or 7U case, it does not have a 3-pin header to connect to XY.
  2. If you were to connect Stereo Line Out 1U’s 6-pin ribbon header to the case jacks, and the 3-pin header to XY this would work as you described. If you connected it to JP1, you would get a stereo out from X, if you connected it to JP1 you would get mono outputs from X and Y. Just remember that these will be at full eurorack level with no attenuation so be careful with your ears and speakers!
  3. If you plan to connect XY and the Stereo Line In/Out 1U to the case jacks on your 7U this is not something I have tested and would not recommend. I assume it will sum everything at full level, so you’re likely to get distortion and noise.
  4. @studioutopia has a good point that if you connect JP1 or JP3 to the case jacks you will get a balanced output from ONE JACK ONLY. If you connect JP2, you will get an unbalanced output from both jacks.
  5. That’s a cool way to use XY, @studioutopia! Seems like a great way to integrate a collection of pedals or mix externally.

I think that covers everything. Hope that helps clear things up!

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Since we are on clarification, I would like to ask, because I have been scratching my head on this one for sometime now: PAGE 6 of X/Y manual:

How do you connect the stereo line in to the x/y ?

Ah yes, that’s a typo that I thought had been corrected. I’ve passed it on again.

I believe it was meant to say that you can connect it to the Mixup Chain In to provide an input for external 1/8" signals. Connect JP1/JP2 to make X or Y a stereo input, or JP2 to make them mono LR inputs.

Again, Stereo Line In 1U does not have an input header on the back.

Thanks. That’s also what prompted me to think that a new version of the stereo line 1u was in the work.

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