Clarifying the eurorack category

so I’ve noticed so many module requests out there in the eurorack section (i also noticed how there’s 400+ posts in that category). Could we either add subsections or a new section?
A requests category (and if subcategories, new modules, more features, firmware, etc.) would be really helpful! if not a new category, at least could we put some subcategories into eurorack? Because that’s … kind of a vague thing on a forum for a eurorack company. Rather overwhelming, and nobody really knows what to do with it. For instance, I could search for something specific, but I wouldn’t find all the results. If I wasn’t thinking of searching, especially as a noob, I would just read random ones and leave perhaps knowing more, but at the same time feeling unenlightened.
for those more experienced, it can be just as hard. The suggested section at the end of a forum is rarely related, and barely ever goes across multiple topics.

Perhaps we could add tags? like a #metropolis, or #module_expansion or #requests
that would make site navigation so much easier and would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

I don’t think we need too many categories, but I think the tagging is a good idea. Just realized that tags were not enabled in the forum, but I enabled them now.

Thanks for the feedback.

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I would suggest only a few to choose from so it isn’t utter chaos.

But thanks so much!

I will go back and add a hashtag to all my posts that need it!

(one minute later) oh . I see you already have that covered then. Never mind, carry on knowing how to do your job… XD

is it possible to search by tags?

Also, what is the complete list of options I could use in the future?

Yes, if you click on the hamburger menu next to your profile icon in the top right corner, there’s an option for “tags”, right above “categories”. I think they might work for search.

Tags are pretty much free form, so the collection will grow.

ok thanks. I was hoping to add a jellysquasher tag but couldn’t to one of my posts. How do I?

Click the pencil next to the post title. There’s a field there called “optional tags”. You just type a tag name to search for it or create it if it does not already exist.

I search for the tags but cannot make a new one. instead it just says something like no matches found. When I click on that, thinking I could then make a new one, it just closes the “add tags” section :frowning:


Looks like currently it requires a minimum “trust level 3” or “regular” status on the forum, that’s the default set by the software. I’ll have to look at tweaking it…