Changing notes in scales dual mode

When in dual mode is there any way to have different notes selected in out a and out b - cannot see this in the manual - I am happy to have the same scale but would like to select say fewer and different notes from out b ?

Hi, I just got Scales about six weeks ago. I read the entire manual and have been using it and I’m preeetty sure the answer to your question is unfortunately no, the “scale” chosen by the green buttons selected must apply to both outputs…someone can correct me if I’m wrong.

Thanks I think so too as have also watched all the video tutorials

You can use Intervals mode. Depending on the settings (diatonic or chromatic) it will be different notes than A but always in relation to A. And for less notes either use a clock divider or something like Steppy to trigger less events.

The difference between using the shift input to transpose and using interval mode is blowing my mind a little at the moment haha…specifically, I’m trying to wrap my head around what you can do in Interval mode that you can’t do by transposing with the Shift input…I think the only difference is with Interval mode you don’t need external CV defining the transposition, is that right?

I originally thought the OP was simply imagining a function where you can toggle between the notes selected for Out A and Out B, basically one scale defined for A and a different scale defined for B. Selecting “different notes in the same scale” for this module is essentially selecting a different scale, i.e. the “scale” is what notes you select. So in that case, the OP is asking for a different scale for Out B, if I understand them correctly, which I’m pretty sure does not exist. You could do transposing with the shift input or Interval mode I guess but that would of course be a more limited option.

“Fewer notes in the chosen scale” is a different story. For fewer notes, simply send different CV to the shift input that quantizes to fewer notes in the chosen scale.