Chaining Stereo Mixer 1U to Stereo Line Out?

Hi all,

I just picked up a Stereo Mixer 1U and was planning on using the three pin jumpers to chain it to the Stereo Line Out 1U module. Both modules work fine on their own, however, when I chain them (Mixer Chain Out → Line Out Chain In), the audio is very quiet and scratchy, regardless of either module I plug it into.

Regardless of some redundancy I’m likely presenting, am I misunderstanding chaining? I’d prefer to not have to run cables top-side from the mixer to the line out. Thanks!

Hey - The 3-pin Link connector on the back of the Stereo Line Out 1U isn’t an input - it’s an output for monitoring with the Headphones 1U! Hope that helps, feel free to message us at if you have any more questions.