Chaining Mixup with Stereo Line Out 1U


Might be a stupid question, but I was wondering if it’s possible to chain MixUp and Stereo Line Out 1U together? If so, what chains are possible, and what would their functionality be?


The Link connector on the Stereo Line Out is just a mirror of the module’s output. If you connected it to the Link input on the Mixup it would receive whatever was sent to the inputs of the Stereo Line out with the volume set by the knob. If the output of the Mixup was fed to the input of the Stereo Line Out this would create a feedback loop, and I don’t think it would be a cool one.


Thanks @ScottMFR! I thought that might be the case, but thanks for explaining!

Understandable that this is how it’s set up, but also; It would be particularly rad if there were a seperate input able to take the chain out from a mixup, as that is a particularly standard “always there” patch, maybe normalled into the left and right, only to have that normal broken if something else is manually patched to the front panel input. (not sure if that works with the left/right normalling used, though?)

Than you would be able to have a little ecosystem of normalled mixer/output connections; mixup to lineout, lineout to out jacks, lineout to headphones; and still maintain the lineout module as a main output level control, as well as still outputting a balanced signal.

Its not like it doesnt work already as is, its a great little mix/output system; just musing on different ways to interconnect it.

I agree that an input jumper would be rad, but I don’t think there’s enough room on the back of the module for a second jumper.

Possibly slightly un-related (but still related)

If I had a Mixup, Stereo Line Out, and a 7U Performance case, is there a way for me to rout both the output of the Mixup, and the output of the Stereo Line Out into the 1/4 jacks of the 7U Performance case simutaniouly?

I currently have a Mixup, Audio I/O, and Performance Case, and as of now, I cannot connect both the Audio I/O and Mixup to the Performance Case 1.4 outputs. (If I do, anything I feed into the Line Out of the Audio I/O is broken up and un-usable) My guess is that using the center (dual) connection of the Audio I/O into Performance Case messes up when I have a Mixup chained in as well.

Is this still the case with the Stereo Line Out since it uses a different connector?