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Case suggestions


I can’t see myself ever moving my rack off my podium that I constructed to have every knob exactly at my fingertips, the Push2 is just a turn to the right and is exactly centered to my eyes at the perfect angle and height. I used angle cut finished 4x4s and plywood. My next case will mostly likely be a 104x7u black Intellijel. I would like to suggest adding VESA mounts to the back (like the ones on your TV). 3-6 sets even better to allow for offset positions from your mounting bracket/arm but I understand this would add cost. A case lid would just be something I have to store, so maybe it could be made a separate purchase?


You could get a VESA mounting bracket and drill the case for holes in order to attach the bracket, it should not be a difficult modification. It’s pretty unlikely that we’d them to production cases since it’s not a common request.


VESA. Articulating arm or wall mount. What a cool idea.


I think all Eurorack cases should have VESA mounting holes on them. A lot of pro music equipment does, why not Eurorack.