Cascadia USB MIDI lags after some minutes online

Anyone noticed this? I’ve been running from USB on a Push 3 and then direct to Ableton, and after some minutes online (I’m on latest firmware Cascadia stops responding in a timely fashion to MIDI notes, especially when overlapping. I’m playing a live bassline on a Keystep, and I have to turn Cascadia off and on again to restore responsiveness. Happens with nothing patched, and doesn’t happen on DIN MIDI — only USB.

I have occasionally experienced the same behaviour on my Cascadia sending midi from FLStudio via USB 3

I have yet to determine the exact steps to reproduce it so this post isn’t exactly helpful for Intellijel’s QA dept. MIDI notes lag then bunch up and eventually the cascadia stops responding. Sending a Midi Panic resolves the issue for me, no need to reboot. I often send highly complex polyphonic midi to the cascadia, it’s like some of the note OFFs are being missed, this eventually leads an overflow? My Cascadia configuration (using the app) is default. If I manage to determine the steps to reproduce the issue, I’ll add them to this post.

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I think you’re onto something with overflow, but it only takes overlapping notes from me. If I space or sequence the notes everything is fine, but I like to play legato and I only get a few bars from that.

I use midi delays and long sustain polyphonic arpeggiation which is stacking midi note on’s and off’s. I suspect we are hitting the 128 max midi note polyphony limit. I’m a bit out of my depth on this topic but as I understand it, it’s crucial that every MIDI Note-On matches with a Note-Off at some point in time before you hit the 128 limit. This prevents a polyphonic lock up when you hit the max.

Many synths deal with this programmatically by sending OFF to the 127th note in the series, this would prevent polyphonic overload and would allow the next note to sound. Have I found the issue? Again this is untested, I’m spit balling here… Intellijel, let me know if you have code in place to deal with this scenario or if I’m way off base.

I suspect both of us are just sending bad MIDI sequences to the Cascadia with more Note-ONs then Note-OFFs. Testing DIN vs USB with the same sequence would be helpful to narrow our scope.

I’ll try to repro this weekend if I can find some time.

Like I say, can’t reproduce on DIN, only applies at the USB port for me.

Happily, just days after reporting, there’s a firmware fix, and I am now noodling for far too long