Cascadia gated portamento

I’ve just purchased a Cascadia and for me, the only thing missing as a keyboardist is gated portamento (legato → slew on/staccato → slew off)

It’s a standard mono synth technique and it would really be great for people who play the Cascadia with a keyboard!

Only needs one CC that defines the slew rate. pleeeease


There’s already a CC for portamento rate, so I reckon were you playing this through, say, Ableton, you could make this happen through a device. But this plus a second MIDI CV pitch for paraphony direct on the device? That’d be amazing.

Yes for sure it’s not a problem with a laptop connected or from Metropolix (it can output the CC).
+1 for the paraphony!

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Yes, a slide mode which activate portamento when two notes overlap would be awesome. It would be perfect for that 303 stylish sound. And in the same way, a retrig/no-retrig mode would be really useful for expressiveness. :pray:

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