Cascadia 1.3 — Dual-Mono MIDI mode and new Entropic Sequence Generator LFO mode

Some fun alternate modes to play with over the holidays!

  • NEW: Dual Mono MIDI Mode — Add a 2nd MIDI Pitch and Gate.
    • Hold down MIDI CC button on boot to Toggle ON/OFF (or use IntellijelConfig.App 1.5+)
    • Tap the MIDI CC button to learn the MIDI channel for the 2nd voice.
    • CC = Pitch 2
    • MOD = Gate 2
    • Additional coarse tuning/pitchbend options available in the IntellijelConfig.App.
  • NEW: Option Env B LFO Mode called the ESG (Entropic Sequence Generator).
    • Hold down MIDI LFO button on boot to Toggle ON/OFF (or use IntellijelConfig.App 1.5+)
    • It will replace the Tilt Triangle LFO on Env B. See the Manual for details.
    • RISE = Rate.
    • FALL = Sequence length (1 to 16 stages).
    • SHAPE = Step regeneration probability (0% to 100%).
    • In LFO-SYNC Mode, the SYNC input will set the base rate.
    • In LFO-FREE Mode, the SYNC input will Reset the Sequencer.

Updated manual and Config App ( or higher required) and downloads available at Support - intellijel


Holy smokes! This is amazing thank you @slowwild!

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Love this, and as soon as this norovirus lets up, I’ll be off to try it…

Wow. Wow. WOW.

I’ve just played this back to back with a Subsequent 37 CV — the synth that made me fall in love with paraphony and distortion.

Just two sawtooth oscs (and I really appreciate the ability to go Low/High on a single channel for the two notes), a little slew on VCO A, a high-Q LP2 and midi trig to ENV B to get retrig and holy smokes, it sounds amazing and then you’re left in picking-out-harmonics city by just altering the gain staging. For a synth, this sounds rock and all-bloody-hell roll.

Amazing, folks, just amazing. I always said if I could only keep one synth and had to sell the rest it would be the Sub 37.

That may have changed.