Can't start Metropolis on step 1 (via Kenton USB Solo)

I’m sorry this is a newb question, but how do you get the sequence to start at step 1 every time you press play in the DAW?

I know it’s to do with Reset, but I don’t know where to get that signal from and how to get into the ‘Reset’ jack.

[Mac] Ableton > Kenton USB Solo > Metropolis

The Clock signal works fine; but the sequence always starts in a different place. How does one set up a Gate signal to reset it each time on stop?? I’m sure it’ll be a facepalm moment when it’s explained, but I’ve wasted an evening on it so far…!

Thanks in advance…

You’ll need to get a reset pulse or Run gate from the Kenton into the RST input on the metropolis. I took a peak at the manual, this might be what you’re looking for…

Check Page 14, “ Clock Stop / Start signal is available at the Aux 2 output if selected as the controller source. Para #42.”

Get in touch with Kenton to see how you can get a run signal or pulse on MIDI Start if you can figure it out from the Kenton manual.

Quick update:
Using Throb sending from outputs 3&4 does the trick:

If I get a response from Kenton as well on how to use their box, will update here too. (Would prefer not use up audio outs for this, but is ok solution for now)

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