Can you stack 3x 7u cases?

Ive seen loads of photos of 2x 7u cases attached to each other but can you stack 3? Does the angle get silly/dangerous?


It would get a bit tippy!

modular half pipe

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Tippy forward or tippy backward? :joy:

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I am in terested in this as well. You could make the right kind of fittings for it, What do you think

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I’m short on space in my current studio. I’d love to be able to do this as well…

I’m a bit afraid of the total depth when you would join three cases. That’s why I was thinking about the following:
Have two cases joined together on your desk, + have one mounted on the wall, above to others (ideally leaning a bit forward on-wall-mounted plates (like the joiner plates). So instead of the possibility of joining three cases, I would like to see wall-mounted plates for the 7U cases.

Taking this a step further :slight_smile:
Wall-mounted plates in different angles :slight_smile: (low mount, case leaning backwards, straight ones for in the middle, high mount, case leaning forward)