Can you make a 1U audio mixer?

Quadratt is a CV only mixer right?

It would be really handy to have a 1u audio mixer. Better still a set of 1u VCAs :slight_smile:

I use my quadratt for Audio mixing daily with no issues :slight_smile:.

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I use it for audio mixing much more often than CV, TBH (though I use it very often as a CV attenuverter).

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Works great with audio or CV. The cascading architecture makes it easy to set up stereo mixes too.

More info here:

Aha! Time to buy! :smiley: Thanks.


Will it add extra gain to anything run into it? Will it clip at the output if driven to hard or should it be an exact copy with the knob up full?

Quadratt is unity gain with the knobs at full.

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Here’s a little ambient(?) improvisation where I use mostly the Quadratt (and mixup) for some live mixing of different audio sources:

Quadratt is the one at the top with the four pink cables going in to it…

I too would love to see the Mixup (with additional knob and mute control over channel 4) in 1U very much. Same HP and layout as the Quadratt.


Agreed! A 1U Mixup would be very nice to have!

Totally agree with a 1U Mixer, I think it’s a great idea
Having inputs across the top makes total sense
inputs / mute switches / aux send / chainable

Or could be different modules eg.
Say a input module that has 4x inputs , that could be chainable, into output module, so you could have a number of input modules linked into a output module