Can I remove the side latch on 7u cases?

I have two 7u cases side by side and this little side metal latch is getting in the way. Is there anyway to remove this? I don’t see any screws accessible. The way I have my setup I can’t stack them with joiners, it needs to be side by side. Pic of the latch I am talking about:

They’re riveted. You’d have to drill them out.

That is what I feared. So if I drill them out, that basically means I can’t use the cover again, correct? I don’t see a way to put the latch back on if its riveted.

Correct. You’d have to re-rivet (by dissembling the side cheeks) and hope that you didn’t bore the holes out too wide, otherwise the latch might not be secure.

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Drilling out aluminum rivets is actually pretty easy and quick to do. They are pretty soft so it only takes a few seconds. You just need to pick the right size bit.

If you did over enlarge the holes in the side cheek, you could always try tapping them and then using screws (with loctite). Alternatively a larger sized rivet may work.


Thank you, Danjel. I think I might give it a go, as the only other option is buying a new desk. I’m literally less than half an inch short when they are side by side of them both fitting on the desk.

Just one more thing on rivets. Even if you drilled in the case, which taking it easy drilling you should not, I have used washers on both sides of rivets. Just buy rivets at the same time as you buy the washers. Making sure that the washers are just big enough to slide over the rivets. Back the rivet, inside the case, with a washer… crimp. The washer will be pulled to the case by the rivet. Should never come loose. Should be a grand total of $2 or $3.