Brand New Rubicon2 for sale, $360

Hopefully for sale posts are ok, couldn’t find anything that said it wasnt.

Purchased both of these last week with intentions of building out and intelijel rack, and decided to go a different direction. I opened the case to check it out, didnt even open the module package that was purchased directly from intellijel.

Looking to hopefully get as close to face value for these as possible.


I was curious why you decided to sell these before even using them?

I have been thinking about what to say the last few days, as I want to give an honest answer.

After 3 years of experienceing modular, expanding, selling, consolidating, I currently have zero modules. Even went thru a period of building a Buchla easel, nava 909 and a minimoog clone. Thru my journey I have owned just about every major manufacturers entire line except for intellijel for some reason. I therefore thought it would be good to build a system around A complete intellijel case.

I wanted to stick to a single manufacture as a personal control tool to limit the buying and selling obsession. More of a personal problem than anything else. So off I went to build it and I thought I had it all together. But then I stepped back and found I was just doing what I had always been doing, and that was lusting to explore modules I had yet to get my hands on. Modules with menu systems (that I am sure are well thought out) like tetrapad and shapeshifter, were in my rack even tho I had vowed to stop using anything like them after using things like the ER301, o_C, tempsutile, etc. I had my hands on a lot of the intellijel modules before I ultimately made my decision.

TLDR, I had cancelled my order and purchased the system I had always wanted, the shared system. This was nothing against the intellijel modules, but more of an internal struggle.


Well someone just got a great deal on the case, Rubicon2 still for sale. Asking $360. Great price for a brand new module.

I’m in for $350 CAD, is the Rubicon2 still for sale?