Bigger Palette?

I‘m totally in need of a 104HP Pallette! WHO ELSE?

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Not me! Well, not yet, anyway :upside_down_face:

I just received my Palette two days ago - 62hp x 4u? Woohoo!
[noob face] How am I going to fill all that?!
I can’t afford to just go out and buy all the modules I’d like, so it’s less about how much bigger and more about the…



That’s why I ended up with two palettes. Makes a great control row, and I can swap modules for a nice 2 palette portable system.


Me, I would love both a 104HP Pallette and an 84HP Pallette.

84hp and/or 104hp Palette would definitely be a welcome addition.

Give me a double 40 or 62 7U Palette. Would be an instabuy for me.

One thing to consider about a 7.5U Palette is the distance from the power bus board to the modules in the lowest row, since the bus board is located at the top of the case, not under a row of modules. Hopefully, most modules have their power header near the top of the module, so the power ribbons are long enough to reach.

I’d rather have a single 84HP row than two 40HP rows - 40HP means a shorter 1U row, and four shallow ends instead of just two. And of course you’re more likely to have to make compromises in the modules you buy when you have multiple short rows. But from what Intellijel has said before, they’re looking to make a 104HP Palette. Makes sense, even though I don’t want something quite that long.

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Yeah I didn’t think about the power headers. That would be an intense experience. Would be awesome if there was a workaround though. I’d love an 84hp version as well.

wouldn’t a 104/84hp palette be too similar to the 104/84hp skiffs that Intellijel currently makes?

They were discontinued a while ago.

Dang, I guess I missed that announcement. That’s too bad they’re great cases. So maybe that means we’ll end up with big Palettes after all?

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A bigger Palette would definitely be cool, but I was also just thinking a cool accessory could be attachable sides panels to make 2 Palettes into a folding case, similar to a Buchla 201e-10 Cases, or these 3d printed sides for Elektron gear:

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It looks great, but getting the hinged area right might be a bit tricky, if you want:

  1. structural support when folded;
  2. space for cable access to the .5U area of the lower Palette;
  3. space for patch cables when folded;
  4. a visually attractive product.

Also, a revision to the Palette to allow for PSU daisy-chaining would go great with this.

You can already daisy-chain Palette cases if you use a daisy chain cable, similar to those used for guitar pedals, and a powerful enough power brick. I remember we tried this at the office at one point…

Oh, cool. I thought it would require an extra jack, like on the 4ms Pods.

Seriously. This would be a fun little system with an external effect pedal:

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if i remember right, 90hp is like the perfect size to fit in a carry on pelican case…
just saying… :wink:

Sorry to revive an old thread, but wanted to ask for an 84hp 4u palette case. A good size for studio use since it can fit in (or in front of) a rack, but has more space than the 62. Also VESA mount mounting holes would be cool :pray: :angel: