Bela Pepper USB breakout to 7U Performance case MIDI jacks board

Are there any Bela Pepper users out there? The Beagle Bone in the Bela has a Mini USB B as device, to connect to a host computer to run the code in an IDE. I’m looking at using the USB B female connector on the back of the Performance 7U and to make a cable to go from the ribbon connector on the MIDI Jacks Board to a male right angle Mini USB connector. Sort of like the “USB device to panel mount” links provided in the Pepper bill-of-materials but using the existing connector on the back of the Performance case. Is there a pin-out for the ribbon cable connector of the MIDI Jacks Board so I know which pins to wire my cable to? This would avoid having to run a cable from in between modules… Thanks!


I don’t remember where I got this from. Most likely from this forum.

I hop this is what you are looking for.

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Fantastic, thank you! I see on your website that you’ve hooked up a Hexmix to the Performance case jacks!

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