Been awhile since I posted. Here’s another video with the rubicon 2

Just basic stuff. Saw out and triangle sub… oh and of course the ever dependable Dual ADSR. Which I have two of now lmao. Thought for months and still wound up back at that adsr.

Mostly other FX. But I just always gravitate to the rubicon because it gives me so many options. I really need to get a multidimensional mixer module so I can wavetable it.


Right now I’m just starting out and I have a Dixie but I’ve looked a little into the power of the Rubicon and the Shapeshifter and I’m intrigued. I like what I’ve heard of wavefolding, AM, and (mild) FM, and I’m thinking my next step will be adding a second Dixie and a Bifold. Wavetables seem like a third level to me at this point. I read a little and the concept didn’t immediately resonate with me.

Well rubicon doesn’t do wavetables, you’d need a mixer for that. Bifold will get you a lot. Really rubicon I’d say is if you want lots of wave outs for sound shaping. And real just a module that is always surprising. I don’t want to say it’s for advanced users, it’s not, but if you know what you’re doing with synthesis, it’s a real dream and powerhouse. Which is why I have two.

Plus it’s so pitch stable. After auto tuning my moot matriarch, the rubicon2 still has better pitch stability. I would guess that the Dixie would be similar there, but the rubicon has more control in its pitch calibrations so possibly slightly different. Though those extra controls are there to keep it stable when in thru-zero fm mode.

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