Batumi too deep for the Palette? [Spoiler: it fits]

Hi there,

Has anyone managed to fit a Xaoc Batumi inside a palette case? They can fit 45.3mm AFAIK, and the Batumi is supposedly 45mm.
Seems like the power cable on the Batumi connects on the bottom, so that could also add some depth, which makes this whole endeavor very uncertain. I’d rather not use standoffs (for practical and aesthetic reasons haha), so this can be a dealbreaker for me getting that module.

Would be grateful for any first hand experience!

One of our people has one, and will double check, but they do say skiff friendly and it looks like it’s just 2 PCBs tall, so it should be fine. I’ll confirm here when we know.

Yep, we’ve confirmed, it fits with out any issues.

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Thanks for checking, especially so quickly! This helps me out a lot :slight_smile: