Battery powered 62hp palette

I have a 62hp palette. I’ve been running it from a 23000mAh battery. The battery has 16v DC output option and seems to be working well.

My question is how much current does the 62hp palette use? It must have a voltage converter that generates +12/-12 and +5, and there is also the multiples and the output jacks. These must take up some juice.

I ask because I’m trying to calculate battery life for fun just to get a rough idea of what to expect.

I’d be interested in trying that out. What battery are you using?

I have a PowerAdd 23000 battery. It’s a laptop usb type battery. It has a DC output that you can set to 9, 12, or 16 volts.

It specs 23000 mAh power. You should be able to take the power usage of your case and all the modules and divide it into this number to get the life in hours. Hence my question!

It works pretty well. Here’s a blog post about battery powered eurorack:

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The output jacks are passive - any power consumption would be in the module attached to them (Line In / Line Out / Headphones / etc).

You could use the Buff Mult as an estimate for power consumption from the multiples; the one in the Palette will take a mA or two more because of the LEDs.

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