Balance or unbalanced?

When using a 1u line out module connected on the V2 1/4 “ out from the 7u 104hp case, does it result in a balance or unbalance source?

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What a coincidence, I was just wondering about this myself. I recently got an OTO BAM reverb unit and I am using the Audio I/O 1U module as a send/return. The Audio I/O 1U manual says it uses balanced signals to interface with the 1/4" inputs and outputs of the 104HP case, which are also balanced according to the manual. (My BAM has unbalanced ins and outs so it turns out that for me it really doesn’t matter.)

If you’re using the Stereo Line Out 1U, the manual says it transmits a balanced signal.


Brilliant thank you, was about to crack the manual but work got in the way. Excellent reverb you just got there! Enjoy!

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