B-Stock - Discontinued and Blemished Items

As some of you may already be aware, Intellijel has a B-Stock section on the website where we have been selling limited quantities of our 7U Performance and 4U Palette cases. Today we have added a number of modules to this page as well. Some are discontinued, while others are current products. Our B-Stock products still come with all of the same accessories and our 2-year warranty, but have some kind of minor cosmetic defect like a scratch, dent, smudge, nick, or are an older revision of a product. For instance there are 2 Quadratts that have the older black plastic switches instead of the new metal switches and the Headphones 1U do not have the header to attach to Stereo Line Out 1U.

We’ll be updating this list if any more B-Stock inventory becomes available, so it’s worth checking every once in a while if you’re after a deal or looking for a legacy module.

You can find the B-Stock products here: https://intellijel.com/b-stock/


…there’s a DUBMIX w/Expender …must exercise restrain… :hot_face:

Just wanted to bump this thread as a number of things have been added to the B-Stock section, including Quad VCA, Korgasmatron II and original Planars!