Azimuth Manual?


Hunting around but can’t see a manual for the Azimuth?

I know it’s fairly straightforward, but I was looking for any info/discussion on workflow and what the stereo imaging does to incoming signals.

I’m trying to figure out whether to use it to create a stereo image of the character layers, and then feed that plus drums/drones into a Mixup, or whether to use the Azimuth as end of chain. Beauty of early on is the ability to pan and morph the stereo position of character whilst leaving the bass lines central - but I do love the stereo widening that it does. Hoping to learn more about how it does that, so I can figure out where to put it :joy:


As far as I know, a manual was never made for that module, as was the case with some of the early ones. I think in your case using it before the Mixup makes more sense, since you’re feeding the output from Azimuth to Mixup. Plus, it will give you more variety and space in your stereo image because with Mixup things will either be panned center or hard left/right, then you’ll have one signal that can be placed more deliberately.

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