Awfull loud clipping from Stereo Line Out 1u

I have a palette case with the Stereo Line Out 1u. I get really loud nasty clipping in some situations. I’ve tried different cables, connect to different mixers and interfaces with no difference. I also have the Headphones 1u and the clipping is there too.

I’ve tried disconnect the Headphones module, no difference. I disconnected and reconnected all the cables to the Stereo line out module.

If I take the signal that goes into the Stereo out module and run it straight into the mixer there’s no clipping.

The thing is if I take a stackcable and mult the signal that’s going in to the stereo line out and connect the stackcable to the same mixer the clipping disappears, which make me believe it’s some kind of grounding issue. I don’t know where to go from here though?

Please reach out to