Availability of 1U modules

I was going to make August “the month of 1U” and really focus on building out this row.

I notice that Quadratt and Audio I/O 1U are out of stock here and e v e r y w h e r e I checked.

Are there any constraining factors here in production of 1U and do we have an idea when they’ll come back around?

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Im having the same issue with my 1u Strip. Ive been wanting a Pedal I/O ofr about a month now and can only find it on the west coast and AH but they have none of the other 1U modules I want.

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Detroit modular have quadratts and pedal IOs


Dying for yet another headphone out. Nobody has them, not even my brothers at Intellijel :-(.

Any ETA?

We (Vintage King) have pedal I/O’s in stock. Feel free to DM for one.

Yes, any ETA on Headphones 1U?

Hoping that the no availability on the I/O and Headphone 1U means they are all in for a redesign…

Seriously, may we please have an update from Intellijel regarding 1U module availability? Practically every 1U module is sold out everywhere. Are they still being produced? ETA?

Can’t find these 1U modules in stock anywhere:
pedal i/o

And any update on the forthcoming scope and sequencer?

I think Intellijel is doing the best 1U modules, but since their format does not match MN or PL (not blaming anyone!), they really have to step up the production and development. I committed to IJ 1U format when I built my recent case, but am starting to regret it if I have to wait a year to populate my 1U rows.

These are great modules. Just want to be able to buy them. Status, please?


Hi Dave,

Both the Phones 1U and Quadratt 1U are available in our webshop.

Dealers who had backorders for these will probably have received them by now or will soon (this week).

Pedal i/o will be about 3-4 weeks. We had an inventory blip which caused us to re-order them later than we should have.

Those were the two I was looking for! In fact I’ve taken two Quadratts because… Well you never know. :relaxed:

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Thanks so much Danjel. Super helpful. Very excited these are available now and/or in the pipeline.