Audio Jacks Board - release date?

Just spotted this:

Looks super handy and useful. Any idea when this upgrade would be out for people with 1st generation cases? Also the new 1U in/out modules mentioned? :+1:


excellent news. looking forward to the stereo line in and stereo line out modules. i wonder what the HP count is

This is so awesome! Great work, can’t wait to upgrade my case and take advantage of these features

Perfect. This is what I’ve been hoping for from them. Now I can do all mixing with the MIXUP and have one less piece to carry with me.

Edit: The “Stereo Line Output” module must be new right? Not the Headphone or Line Out.

Will you also be making an audio jacks board with only two jacks instead of four, for people who don’t have the 7U case?

Doubtful. That serves them no purpose.

Are you talking about a DIY case? In that case you could just drill four holes and have more options.

On another note, I think this may make it possible to chain 4MS Listen-Four and WAV Recorder to the outputs. Assuming the pin is L-Gnd-R.

I understand that having too many options is problematic for Intellijel. From a user standpoint, however, it’s too bad there is no best solution. Without stereo jacks, it also means the Stereo Line Input/Output modules will only be unusable by owners of the 4U case unless Intellijel sells the new board with a 1U panel, or people mod their cases.

If one is using the 4U case and wishes to have 1/4" stereo out, the current 1U options are 1) the full set of Audio I/O 1U modules, and 2) two Line Out 1U modules. Re: #1, not everyone wants inputs, and the full set takes up a lot of HP. Re: #2, separate volume knobs for each channel are unnecessary and somewhat problematic, plus the Line Out 1U module doesn’t have the LED VU meter. (I don’t know if the upcoming Stereo Line Output module will have the LEDs, but I’m expecting it to.)

It doesn’t have to be a standalone board. Make it a 1U module. If it’s 8HP like the Pedal I/O Jacks, and the Stereo Line Output is 10HP, it’ll save 2HP over two Line Outs while being a better solution. (Or, take the panel off and install the jacks directly to the case and save even more HP.) As far as having more options with four jacks goes, it depends on the individual, but I don’t really have a use for that many jacks, as I’m trying to put together a rather small system (that will be in stereo). Also, for 4U case owners, the design of the 4U case makes it so that the only place one can attach the jacks to the case is one of the sides. Four jacks would require going over one of the PSU mounting rails, possibly slightly raising the height of the jacks and taking up that much more module depth space on that side of the case.

The HEADPHONE module is two inputs to a TRS out, with out knob. Does that help? People in other threads, myself included, have been asking for the OUTPUT section of the Audio I/O for a bit and they’ve seemed to been working on the solution, which I believe will be the Stereo Line Output module.

Are you doing a DIY case or are you using a 4U case? Have you looked at the new 4.5?

The ideal solution for me would be two mono 1/4" outs with a single volume knob. don’t like TRS stereo, because of Y-cables, any potential problems if I have to work in mono, etc.

The Stereo Line Output module seems to be designed to work with the new audio jacks board that will be insalled in the 7U case, which means it will not have any 1/4" jacks of its own. That’s the part I’m wondering about - will the jacks be split up the same way the input and output sections of the Audio I/O 1U are being split up, for people who aren’t using the 7U case and don’t want four jacks?

The case plan is up in the air ATM. It all depends on how much I am willing to spend. It would be cheaper to DIY a plywood case of course, but I would prefer a metal case. The cheapest option I could find for a DIY-ish metal case, buying pieces from Gie-Tec sized to order, would probably wind up costing ~$100 or more thanks to shipping, so it doesn’t save me much. The safest, if somewhat expensive and sacrilegious plan would be to get an Intellijel 4U case, and when I have/know exactly the modules I need, have it cut down to size (probably in the ~60HP range).

What is the new 4.5? I also read something about palette cases in the Synth Plex thread, but I can’t find any information on it.

Check their IG and Muffwiggler about the new case. $300, 62hp, 4U, 14 power connectors, midi and audio jacks, dual buff mult. Looks like it has two jacks, which I imagine to be bidirectional since the picture on IG seems to be using it as a Send/Return with a pedal.

I think from the pictures it will help your needs.

Thanks for the info, it looks great. Assuming the 46mm depth is with the power supply in place, it should be just barely deep enough for modules like some 2hp and Disting. 62hp makes planning out the 1U row a bit tricky though. Decisions, decisions…

excellent news!

mixup connected to those new boards will output hot modular level so I still need 1U stereo out module to have line levels on jacks, right?

The 1U stereo output module is visible in the latest round of videos:

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Good eye! Before anyone asks it’s 8HP and I don’t know the release date.


It’s Available!

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