Audio I/O, Mixup and Performance Case

I have a 7u Performance Case, Audio I/O 1U and Mixup. Oh, and an Erica mixer but we’ll come back to that.

Reading the audio jack manual I see that having both the Audio I/O and Mixup connected to the case’s ¼” jacks are not recommended:

Combining the 4-channel Audio I/O 1U module with various 2-channel modules is not technically supported since, in this scenario, you would are passively mixing two signals together

So, I’m left wondering… what part of the three Intellijel components (the case’s ¼” jacks, the Audio I/O and the Mixup might be redundant? Given that I also have an Erica Black Stereo Mixer I’m tempted to say that I can ditch the Mixup and run the out from the Erica into the Audio I/O. Am I on the right track? I recognize that this means patching the Erica’s out to the Audio I/O in order to get the output signal to the ¼” case jacks but I’m already doing that with the Mixup.



It’s really up to you depending on whether you want the additional channels of the Erica mixer, or if you want to save space and use the smaller Mixup, or free up some 1U space and ditch the Audio IO 1U if you don’t need the inputs or volume control on the output.

You’re right that using either the Erica mixer or Mixup with the Audio IO 1U will require patching.

Hope that helps.

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