Audio I/O Discontinued?

The Audio I/O is the only 1U module which uses the built-in Intellijel Case 1/4" jacks to their fullest for external stereo effects send/return. They are really hard to find and Perfect Circuit is calling them “no longer available.”
Is there a replacement in the works? :slight_smile:

We’ve split it into two modules, one of which is the Stereo Line Out 1U. There’s a Stereo Line In 1U as well which will be available soon. You will need to replace the jack board if you have one of the earlier generation 7U cases to one that allows you to connect each pair of jacks separately. That way you can have eg: two input pairs, or two output pairs, or one input or output and a pedal I/O, etc.

If you really ant an Audio I/O we may have a couple left at the office. Maybe shoot an email to to check.

Thank you so much for the lightning-fast reply!
Any chance the new Stereo Line In will be ~8hp? It would be cool to gain back that little bit of space over using the Audio I/O. :slight_smile:

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It’s going to be bigger, two volume pots and two meters, so it can be used as a dual mono as well. If it was 8hp it would have to have just one level control which would pretty much limit it to stereo operation only.

OK. I’m hoping then that the combo of this new module and the Stereo Line Out will be <= Audio I/O (24hp).

Either way, thanks!

Yes it’s smaller than the Audio I/O, I believe the Stereo Line In is going to be 12 hp, and the Stereo Line Out is 8.


Any chance you’ll consider doing a stereo-only version as well? These dual mono pots are so annoying to fine-tune for stereo purposes, plus it would save valuable space (8hp in total with the Stereo Line Out 1U compared to the Audio I/O). I understand if that’s a niche request, but it would be very very useful for all-stereo freaks like me, and I wouldn’t have to regret selling my Audio I/O. :grin:


Perhaps in the future. We have a lot of other modules planned right now so it would be pretty low priority. There’s always trade-offs involved with any design…

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Understandable, thank you for the quick reply. :slight_smile:

Any chance for an update on Stereo Line In release date? I just upgraded my 7U case to 8 audio jacks each and I need a bunch of them! :grinning:

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Hey, I’ve had a similar idea. Would you care to share any photos or tips?

Intellijel 7U Case Audio Jack Upgrade (1) Intellijel 7U Case Audio Jack Upgrade (2) Intellijel 7U Case Audio Jack Upgrade (3) Intellijel 7U Case Audio Jack Upgrade (4) Intellijel 7U Case Audio Jack Upgrade (5) Intellijel 7U Case Audio Jack Upgrade (6) Intellijel 7U Case Audio Jack Upgrade

The key is NOT to use a drill bit, but rather a punch or hole saw. I used a center punch and a Hougen Extended Reach Cutter. I also protected the power distribution board with plastic wrap and tape. Make sure no metal chips remain in the case!


Looks fantastic and exactly what I’d like to achieve in my case. Thanks for the tip on getting the holes cut. I’ll look into it!

I have been using a step drill (aka. Unibit) to do the same sort of thing.
Step drills are available at most hardware stores and are way cheaper then Hougen drills.
I prefer the longer, lower angle or smaller diameter step drills for this type of thing.
Here is an example of different angles.
Step drill set
These work better if you have a starting hole or use a center drill.
Foghorn, the machinist


If anyone is interested, I have an audio I/O 24hp that I’m going to be selling (UK). I don’t use case inputs so have downsized to the stereo line out 8hp.

I don’t know how I can PN here… just created this account… did you already sell the module? :smiley:

Hi - yes I did sell the module, sorry.

The Stereo Line In 1U is now available here:

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I’m about to purchase a 7u performance case, but I’m concerned that I might end up with an early model if I order from Thomann. Obviously this would be less than ideal, as I would then have to replace the jack board. Is there any way to ensure I am getting the updated model?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

We have been shipping the 2nd gen cases for a year now and they have been selling very quickly, so it’s unlikely that Thomann will still have stock of the 1st gen version. You could also ask Thomann to confirm what they have in stock.