Audio I/O 1U

Hi -

I have a question about the Audio I/O 1U. For some reason, the left output is hotter than the right. It is only when I have the Audio 1/O knob all the way to +6db do the two channels equalize at the same volume. Is this supposed to occur? I am using a Xaoc Praga as the final mixer before sending to the Audio I/O.

Otherwise I will have to maximize the volume output all the time on the unit which I am weary of. Thank you!

As a follow up, I have the headphone 1u and connected the Praga to that as well to test to see if the same issue occurred. It didn’t, and the headphone knob raised both the L and R channels equally.

Thank you

Do you have something connected only to the L channel (which then gets duplicated to the right channel)? Or are you sending one signal to the L channel and a different signal to the R channel? Either way, mine does not work that way. The channels are even.

On a related note (not trying to hijack)… is anyone able to clip the output channels and make the red LEDs light up? What signal are you sending to it that does that? I cannot find a signal hot enough to clip it, but I’m wondering if my red LEDs are fried (had a power incident a while back).

I am sending two different signals to both the L and R channels. I have never been able to clip my signal, but haven’t really tried.

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If you are referring to the Output knob, it sounds like you may have a defective pot.

Yes, the output knob doesn’t raise the left and right channels equally. They only equal each other at max volume. The right channel level slowly equalizes to the left channel level up until max volume. I have reached out to the retailer as I am still within the 30 day return policy.