Audio 1/O scratchy RH channel

Hi, I am using an Audio I/O to send my Eurorack system to my mixer. The L channel is fine but the R sounds as if it has pot noise. I have tried sending the signal to Intellijel uVCA and then to Audio I/O but still noisy. Any thoughts? * Both the Audio I/O and the uVCA have an arrow linking L to R. Am I missing something?
I am after a stereo image. Many thanks.

You should probably contact

Are you using balanced cables for both the left and right outputs? Does the noise change channels if you change the cables?

Yes, both cables are balanced. No change if change cables. Thanks for swift reply.

Is it something in a module? I know sending DC-offset audio to most speakers causes a scratchy sound, and modules like the µFold can easily produce this if sending audio to symmetry but not input. Also check your quadratt 1U if you have one, as it may be accidentally Dc offsetting your audio. Those are the two likeliest offenders in my opinion if not a problem with your mixer itself.

Hello, I have the same problem with the L input channel. It peaks and scratches when pot is between 10 and 12 o’clock, even without audio signal coming in… Was this topic solved in any way? Thanks in advance for your help!

Please reach out to