Atlantis recreating sh101 random modulation

Dear Forum,

I own a sh101 and an atlantis but have difficulties with recreating a random modulation on the filter like the lfo random mode on my sh101.
The atlantis has a noise and a sample hold setting in the modulation section on the left, but i cant figure out how to easily recreate the randomness on the filter like i do it on the sh101, in samplehold it makes only small changes to the filter even when my mod slide is all the way up,

New to patching so maybe thats where the problem lays, but i thought it would be internally the same as the sh101, and i wouldnt need to patch anything,

Can someone help me out with this.

I’m not super familiar with the SH101, but you should definitely be able to get some drastic filter modulation using the S&H as your mod source. I’ll PM you a short video walkthrough.