Atlantis Octave Range switch not affecting MOD VCO?


I’ve noticed that the Octave Range switch on my Atlantis is not switching the octave of the MOD VCO.

I’ve got the MOD VCO Mode set to VCO, and I’ve got the “Link” switch engaged.

Has anybody else experienced this? I’ve taken a look at the diagram in the User Manual and it appears that the Octave Range switch should be affecting the MOD VCO when Link is engaged.


I think in this case the manual is a little misleading. I think what it’s referring to is that the MOD VCO will track with the main VCO’s 1V/OCT input if the link switch is engaged. I confirmed with my unit that the MOD VCO will not react to changes to the main VCO’s OCTAVE switch.

@ScottMFR, thanks for your response.

Is the diagram in the manual maybe referring to the older MK1 (original) iteration of the Atlantis, and would that then mean that this is a difference between the MK1 and the MK2?

I had a peek at the schematic and it seems that the octave switch should affect the LFO when link is enabled, haven’t had a chance to verify on an actual unit yet though…

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Octave switch of VCO is not linked to MOD. This was by design so it was easier to adjust pitch offsets relative to each other. LINK just routes PITCH to both VCO and MOD so they track the same source.