Atlantis not making sound with Quick Start "Make a Sound" instructions

Hello. I recently purchased an Intellijel Atlantis from Reverb and I’m worried it doesn’t work!

I have a Pittsburgh Modular EP270 case and I’m not worried that I plugged the module in the wrong way. I’m following all of the instructions in the manual under the quick start; just trying to get a tone out of it. I’m going from the red OUT on the Atlantis straight to my Scarlett 18i8. I’m using Reaper as my DAW. My other synths, guitar and virtual instruments are working just fine in my DAW.

I also have a Quad VCA by Intellijel and I’ve tried plugging the Atlantis to an input and outputting the VCA to one of my interfaces inputs. That’s not working.

I’m just pressing the red button in the VCA section to get a sound and I’m getting nothing. The lights on the module are lighting up no problem. The mod light flickers and the Clip light in the VCA section comes on with the press of the red button.

Again, I’m following the Quick Start instructions to get a simple tone and I’m not getting any sound. Suggestions? Things I’ve missed? I’m a beginner, so maybe it’s something right under my nose, but I can’t figure it out! Thanks for the help.

Have you tried connecting one of the waveform outputs from the VCO section to your scarlett or headphones? These should output a steady tone, so that will at least let you know if the Atlantis is producing signal or if it’s a problem with your input/monitoring situation.

Careful though, those outputs will be LOUD!!