Atlantis + Beatstep Pro octave transposition

Hi guys, my name is Seb, I am a music producer from NL and I’m new here at the forum, nice to e-meet you all.

My (beloved) Atlantis does not seem to respond to the octave transpose function on the Beatstep Pro via CV, transposing does work when I connect another synth via the midi out of the BSP. The Atlantis does respond to gate and pitch via cv out of the BSP. I don’t have a lot of experience with cv, so I’m not even sure if voltage controlled octave transposing is even a possibility?


Hi Seb,

There is a common issue with Arturia products and the gate output driving devices in Eurorack. I have heard about similar issues with the Mini and Microbrute as well.

You could try putting the gate through a buff mult first or some other logic buffer.

Hi Danjel,

Having a bit of a fan boy moment here, thank you for replying personally. Compliments on your products. The Atlantis is a dream come true for a lot of 101 fans out there!

Back to the subject, has anyone else here experienced this exact same problem? (not being able to transpose with the Beatstep Pro) Just trying to make 100 % sure I’m not the only one.

Hi Seb
I use a BSP but until the latest firware update (cant remember what number) I had problems getting the BSP to transpose sequences. I think I may also have had to tweak something using the Midi Control Centre software. As I am at work at moment I dont have access to my BSP. But Ill try and check tonight or tomorrow.

Hi rcr,

Thanks for checking mate, much appreciated.