Arturia BeatStep with Intellijel 7U/104HP Case: Clocking?

Hello! I just got a BeatStep and I’m really happy with it. So far I’m using it to track my Dixie 1V/Oct and it is also sending gate signals to my Quadrax. Pretty soon I’m going to want to sync the sequencer in the BeatStep with other sequencers in my rack.

So anyone here familiar with the BeatStep? I have an Intellijel 7U/104HP case. Do I just need the MIDI 1U module, plug that into my case, then connect the BeatStep’s USB/MIDI out to the USB jack on my case? I understand that in this configuration the BeatStep must be the primary clock.

The original Beatstep with just CV/Gate and MIDI? Yeah probably the best way is to get the MIDI1U. You’ll also be able to use the Beatstep as drum triggers or a sequencer etc.

Just a note, you would connect the Beatstep’s MIDI OUT to the MIDI IN on your 7U case. The 7U USB jack can only really be connected to a computer or another host device.

Ok, I’m a little confused about this, please bear with me. My understanding is that the BeatStep both transmits and receives MIDI data through its USB port. So if I’m using it as my primary clock, wouldn’t it transmit the clock through the USB cable? I certainly don’t have any problem using the MIDI in jack on my case, I just thought I’d ask.

Yes it will transmit MIDI over USB in both directions to your computer, but not to other devices as far as I know.

To clarify… in general every USB connection requires a USB Host and a USB Device. The MIDI 1U and the Beatstep are both MIDI devices, so you cannot connect them together.

Ok thanks! So to clarify, the USB jack on my case can receive MIDI data, but only from a “USB (MIDI?) host”, and my BeatStep is not a USB host…I will use the MIDi in jack then. :smile:

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That’s right. A USB host port is the rectangular shape that you normally find on a computer.

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