Are others able to clip the output of the Audio i/o 1U module?

I am just wondering are others able to have the red clip output LED(s) light up? I do not seem to have a modular signal hot enough to clip it. (e.g., Shapeshifter or DPO straight into the output module even with output knob turned all the way up does not clip. Running those through Quad VCA with boost switch on doesn’t either. Nor does sending 1V/octave from PP or Rene at highest pitch setting.)

I’m asking because I actually may have blown my red LEDs out during a power event. (Have talked with Intellijel support, and they were super helpful and sent me new LEDs.)

I think I was able to get the output to clip red previously, but I’m not 100% certain (it may be that I only ever had the green LEDs light up).

If anyone could confirm that you can clip your 1U output module (and how you make that happen) that would be super helpful. Thanks in advance.