Any plans for a smaller Quadra expander?

I find myself unable to pull the trigger 'cause the current expander is just sooooo big relative to what it does. Are there any plans for a smaller version, or a version of the Quadra with the expander integrated?

If not, can you be talked into make said plans…?

It wouldn’t really be able to be any smaller and still do what it does!

It might be possible to re-arrange things and gain 2HP but that is not too significant.

The challenge for intellijel modules panel designs is that we feel it is very important to have attenuators for all CV functions built into the module. If we were to forgo these we could shrink a lot of our panels down but I think the patching experience would be a lot more cumbersome. I also feel that replacing all the primary function controls with mini pots is another cop-out.

For the Quadra there are actually a lot more controls and i/o I would love to add but that would make the panel even bigger! :stuck_out_tongue:

A well executed function generator can really become the absolute heart of any modular system but it is very likely going to occupy quite a bit of HP if it has a lot of functionality.


There’s a whole thread on Muffs about doing a DIY version called Utter Decay (also search Modular Grid for pics). People did 2hp and 4hp versions (depending on the feature set). Pretty easy project. But I agree with Danijel, for what it does the Expander isn’t really that big at all.

Consistent inclusion of attenuators for CV inputs is one of the reasons I love all of my intellijel modules!

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I love the expander! It’s absolutely worth the size if you’re using all the functions it provides. And I agree the attenuators are key. I do have a second Quadra just for plain jane envelopes, it’s a totally different module without the expander.

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Danjel/Kamil, what are your thoughts on the Utter Decay module? Any reason I shouldn’t build that? Seems like it will do exactly what I need (granted without attenuators).