Another Plonk Feature Request, Preset selection under CV

Hi All.
I’ve been trying to see if Plonk can do this, but I’m 99% sure it can’t after owning the module for a while.
Currently, the only way to jump between presets via CV is by setting the mod dest to preset step, and then selecting a range of presets to jump between.

I was wondering if it would be possible to add the ability to be able to select which specific presets are accessible. So for example I could jump between preset 4, preset 8 and preset 59, rather than only being able to jump between a range. When I select a range there always seems to be some presets in the way that I don’t want to hear.

Currently, the only way to do this is to reorganise the preset list every time using Lazer Mamouth or similar, or use a sequencer to select the specific presets, which is very fiddly and hard, especially with a large range of presets.

Perhaps you could add a way to scroll through the presets and highlight / star or mark the ones you wish to be selectable by the mod under cv?

So either by a range (as we currently have) or by marking presets somehow.

Intellijel, do you think this would be possible to add in a future firmware update?

I realize this isn’t what you’re asking for, but with Preset Morph you can select 2 specific presets and fade between them.

it may be possible but as usual the question is how? the plonk ui has a pretty limited number of buttons and not a lot of screen real estate for an interface to be able to build a list like this

I’d probably picture you selecting a new option like “Preset Step Select” and then it jumps to your presets and you just scroll through and mark the ones you want to include with an encoder press.

Ok, and the order would just be lowest to highest or would it be better if they were in the order selected? the CV range would simply divide by the number of presets?

Yes exactly, it could be the order you selected them in.

first choice = the lowest voltage, last choice = the highest voltage. and then the other choices in the middle would be the voltages inbetween.

Personally I would be less concerned with it being ordered in any way, but it could be a “nice to have” feature for sure.

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Ok, I will add this for consideration in our wishlist for future updates